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At A.C.E., Inc. we are hard-pressed on delivering and serving subpoenas of all types throughout the state of Florida. We are a Florida process service provider for attorneys, law offices and corporate counsel. Here at A.C.E., Inc. we are skilled process servers that are the experts you need to take care of all your subpoena service needs.


            Whether it is serving witnesses and defendants with court papers anywhere in the state of Florida, our dutiful process servers have the expertise and work ethic to correctly handle your needs.


Florida Subpoena Services:


       Witness Subpoenas

       Subpoena Duces Tecum

       Deposition Subpoenas



The process of serving subpoenas are generally similar, but can have little variations depending on states. This page is meant to provide clarity into the process of subpoenas and how the process can be skewed depending on guidelines.


            For the most part, subpoenas are issued by the clerk of the court in the name of the particular judge who is presiding over the case at hand. When a subpoena is delivered, the recipient must respond to it within a certain period of time or face legal ramifications.


            However, there are some instances where the recipient(s) can object to the subpoena issued. The reasoning to object against a subpoena must be relevant and deemed worthy, but in any case can still occur.


            To object against a subpoena the party must explain that the subpoena is requesting information that is irrelevant to the case, such as records that are confidential or records that have no relevance to the court case proceedings.


            In the state of Florida, before being able to serve subpoenas to people the subpoenaing party must first file either a Notice of Intent to Serve Subpoena or a Notice of Production from Non-Party. These notices must be filed ten days in advance of serving a subpoena. This is done in Florida and other states to give the defendant(s) enough time to prepare for and possible file any/all objections to the incoming subpoena.


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